Writing Services

  • I charge $0.05 a word.

Editing/Rewriting/Proofreading Services

  • $0.05 a word or $15 an hour for Editing/Rewriting.
  • Proofreading starts at $3 a page. In addition to proofreading the work, I will also write a short 500 word review on it, focusing on potential problems the plot may have.

Visual Novel Playtesting Services

  • Playtesting starts at $15 an hour.
  • This includes playtests of the game as well as a thorough at least two page review on the game thus far. Please be specific in what you would like covered during the playtest.


  • I require half of the payment up front. I will e-mail you halfway through the project with a WIP to ensure satisfaction, at which point the rest of the payment must be made, unless otherwise stated by a payment plan.
  • Once the commission is paid in full, I will e-mail you a word doc as well as a PDF version of your commission.
  • I take payment through paypal. I am also open to setting up payment plans. Please e-mail me with any inquiries.


  • In addition to what’s in my portfolio, I also have experience with:
    • Reviews for films, television, games, and products
    • Reader analysis
    • Transcription
  • I have program experience with:
    • Final Draft
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Ren’py
    • Atom

Contact Me
If you’re interested in my service, please feel free to contact me below:
Discord: Exagie#6844

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