Writing Commissions

Writing Services

  • I charge $0.05 a word.

Editing/Rewriting/Proofreading Services

  • $0.05 a word or $15 an hour for Editing/Rewriting.
  • Proofreading starts at $3 a page. In addition to proofreading the work, I will also write a short 500 word review on it, focusing on potential problems the plot may have.

Visual Novel Playtesting Services

  • Playtesting starts at $15 an hour.
  • This includes playtests of the game as well as a thorough at least two page review on the game thus far. Please be specific in what you would like covered during the playtest.


  • I require half of the payment up front. I will e-mail you halfway through the project with a WIP to ensure satisfaction, at which point the rest of the payment must be made, unless otherwise stated by a payment plan.
  • Once the commission is paid in full, I will e-mail you a word doc as well as a PDF version of your commission.
  • I take payment through paypal. I am also open to setting up payment plans. Please e-mail me with any inquiries.


  • In addition to what’s in my portfolio, I also have experience with:
    • Reviews for films, television, games, and products
    • Reader analysis
    • Transcription
  • I have program experience with:
    • Final Draft
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Powerpoint
    • Ren’py
    • Atom

Contact Me
If you’re interested in my service, please feel free to contact me below:
Discord: Exagie#6844

Student Perspectives: Cinema Art Showcase at Point Park University

A most wonderful send-off to my Senior year, I was selected among my fellow seniors to provide an interview on the showcase of scripts, short films, and animations that the cinema department at Point Park University has been working diligently on for over a year. As an added bonus, Hollywood Producers Gray Fredrickson and Robert Miller and Hollywood Editor Bob Ducsay attended our showcase. Please support the wonderful Cinema graduates of 2018, and see what we have to say about our experience in the showcase.

Hollywood Producers and Editors Attend 2018 Cinema Arts Showcase at Point Park

Featured Screenwriting Major: Paige N. Staudt


At the beginning of my Junior year of Point Park University, I was blessed with the opportunity to be featured on the front page of my school and discuss not only my experience within the screenwriting department at Point Park University, as well as provide insight and advice to those hoping to pursue a similar path. To see the article, click below!

Screenwriting Major Learns the Craft of Writing a Script and Storytelling at Point Park